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Michael - I was a premier Master Technician with Porsche so I've had all the training classes from Carrera GT and new product all the way through 2008 model year Porsches. And on the older cars I am also ASC Certified Master Technician including the L1.

Roy - runs the operations of the shop and the office. He used to manage an auto parts store and he is a Porsche super enthusiast who is a really great fit here for us. He has been in the automotive industry before and is a good liaison between the technical work and the clients. He is also very active with the car clubs which include the Porsche Club of Americas.

Kat - handles our bookkeeping and she is also really good at talking to people.


In 2008, I left the Porsche dealer and decided to do my own thing. That's when we started the company and teamed up with Ed and Hans at Kundensport. We worked together and as we grew busier, we decided it was time to move out into our own facility.

I had a pretty successful business that I ran back in the early 2000's called Shatz Motorsport, and that experience just never left me. I opened Shatz Motorsport when I was working in an independent shop down in Santa Monica. Basically, I just did that to write off my Racecar expenses. I got hooked up with a dealer in Europe where I could buy european only Porsche parts that at that time you could not buy in the United States. They had to come from Germany, Porsche dealers didn't even have the ability to order them. So, we had a really good deal with all the european suspension systems and lights. We did that and the internet all at the same time back in 1997 and that worked out pretty well for us.

So, what I learned from that, combined with my knowledge of the cars and the fact that I'd been working on Porsches for 32 years gave me the incentive to open my own shop.


Our fully-equipped facility is able to handle any of your engine's needs.

We have three low profile lifts so we can get any kind of car up in the air.

We have the proper diagnostic equipment for the late cars, and we have older diagnostic equipment for the older cars.

We have air conditioning service capability and pretty much all the special factory tools that we need to do the job.

We can pretty much do everything because we have a really good network of other small shops that specialize in Porsches. So if I need machine work, I have a guy right around the corner from me. For body work and restoration work I have the guys that I was working with at Kundensport. Between the three of us, we can pretty much do everything that we need to do on a car.


The most famous car that I've had here was Dr. Porsche's 1961 Carrera Cabriolet. That was a fun project the car hadn't run in years and years and years. We got that running and took it up to Monterey in 2010 for the auctions and that was a lot of fun.

We have done some pretty important cars. We did a lot of work on a 917 and some factory race cars for private clients.

We get some pretty neat cars here. One of the cars in the shop right now is one of the first Carrera RS's from late 1972 that we have been fine tuning.

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